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In 1999, the Sisters of the  Good Shepherd were invited by Rev. Fr. Glen Mascarenhas to work in the Martin Nagar Parish of Nagpur Archdiocese. After getting the permission from the Archbishop Most Rev Dr. Abraham Viruthakulangara the sisters began their mission staying in a rented house for about a year after which a house was bought in Mecosabagh and the sisters continue to stay here. In 2001 when the Province for administrative purposes worked in 3 Sectors of Karnataka and Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, Nagpur became the Sector House for Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh and Sr. Leela Mattam the Sector Co-ordinator.

In Mankapur a piece of land was available at a reasonable price with a small house. We bought this and Kripalaya – the Sector House came to be. It was also decided at the Province level that the Candidates just joining us would stay for one year in the respective sectors and so Kripalaya was the Candidate House too.

The house in Mecosabagh was renovated and the first floor was added to it to make it more conducive to become a Sector House where meetings could be held. Once this was ready the Sector House was shifted to Mecosabagh and Kripalaya in Mankapur became the Candidates House and today it is the Pre Novitiate. On 5th January 2014 when the new province of Central East India/ Nepal was formed the convent in Mecosabagh became the Provincialoate.

We mainly serve the dalits and tribals who have been displaced due to natural calamities and have come in search of a livelihood.

Remedial Classes for children

Around 50 children come to study in our centre in different batches; most of them are either from broken families or children of single mothers, domestic servants and alcoholic fathers. Through the remedial classes we help them rediscover themselves by giving opportunities to display their talents by organising camps and occasions on National and Festal holidays to showcase their talents. Having worked with them for the last about 15 years we have some boys and girls who are pursuing higher education or are undergoing technical training.

Empowerment of Women

There is a big slum surrounding us and most of the women work as domestic helps in various families. We have reached out to more than 1000 women staying in about 30 slums in Nagpur by visiting them often and conducting sessions on Leadership, Personality Development, Savings, Health and other topics. Through continuous representations to the Government we have succeeded in getting them recognised as unorganised workers. So far about 800 women have been registered with the Government.

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