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Good Shepherd Convent, Balaghat , Madhya Pradesh

In 1988 at the invitation of Archbishop of Nagpur Most Rev. Leobard D’Souza, the Good Shepherd Sisters opened another convent in Balaghat which is the district headquarters. This house was also meant to assist the sisters during their long travels from the remote village in Garattola to the South of India. 

Sr. Cecelia Goveas, Amala Savarimuthu and Helen D’Souza were the pioneers of this mission. They were welcomed by the Parish priest and the parishioners. The sisters stayed in the parish house until a rented house was ready for them. On 19th October 1991, our sisters moved to a new house in Bhattera named ‘Asha Nivas’. It was built on the land belonging to the diocese in order to be closer to the people of the villages we were working with. From 1988 to 1999 the sisters worked with different groups of people like rickshaw pullers, fisher folks and beggars. Our sisters faced lots of difficulties and this mission went through different phases. Meanwhile the sisters bought a piece of land in the same village and built a house and it was blessed on 10th November 2007 by Archbishop of Nagpur Most Rev. Dr. Abraham Viruthakulankara. From 26th June 2013, Asha Nivas has become a formation house too for young girls who are aspiring to become Good Shepherd Sisters.

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